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Q: I'm interested in upholstering a piece!  What do I do now?

A: Take a picture and email it to along with some rough measurements.  Let us know if you have any special requests - to change the style of the skirt, refinish the wood, replace the cushions, etc.  We will email you back with the price for labor and how many yards of fabric to buy.


Q:  Can I bring in my own fabric?

A: Of course!  


Q: How long does it take?

A: Our usual turnaround time is approximately 10-14 days.  We can turnaround pillows, chair seats, and foam replacement in a day or two if it's not too busy.  During Thanksgiving, it generally starts to get hectic, so please bring in your projects early!


Q: How do I know if my cushion needs to be replaced?

A: This is entirely up to you.  Generally, if it's 15+ years; you will probably need to replace the cushion.  Otherwise, if you like how it feels, keep the existing cushion; if you think it's too soft, request for new cushions.  Because new cushions cost extra, we keep the existing cushion, unless the customer specifically requests for new cushions.


Q: Do you offer a pickup and delivery service?

A: Yes we do!  Depending on your location, it is generally $75-125 roundtrip.


Q: What kind of fabric do you suggest?

A: Again, this is entirely up to you.  I usually recommend that my customers get something they really love.  Regarding upholstery, a medium weight upholstery fabric is good - not too thick or too thin.  Upholstery fabric is generally 54 inches wide. Colorwise, I do not recommend black! Any particle it may attract, be it dog hair or dust, can be seen quite easily.  For draperies, I would err on the side of a light weight fabric, but not stretchy.


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