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Addison Upholstery is a family business that has been serving the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex for over 15 years.

Daniel first opened his doors as Daniel's Custom Furniture in 1997, specializing in carpentry and made to order furniture pieces.  He decided to focus on upholstery and started Andy's Upholstery on Trinity Mills and Josey Lane.  He moved to the current location on Trinity Mills at Midway Road in 2003 as Addison Upholstery. It was named for its close approximation to Texas' busiest independent airport, Addison Airport.  Back in the day when people used phonebooks, he wanted to be at the top of the list! How business saavy!

Daniel's youngest son, Long, took over the business in 2017.  This picture is from when their youngest daughter, Swan, ran the business from 2012-2017 and she hasn't updated it because Long hates pictures! They all enjoy working together, but if it ever sounds like they're yelling, don't fret. Vietnamese is an animated language!


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